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Since 2008, The Human Resources Factor, LLC has focused on assisting small to mid-sized companies with various human resources needs.  Our goal to help companies with staff or management issues.  We offer this service in a number of ways....with either a one-time only project, a simple phone call or consultation, an ongoing series of projects, or with retained services...all of these options available in order to provide you service while working within your company's budget.

Our excellence in service, and flexibility in costing and structure, combined with our expertise, knowledge, and experience in dealing with human resources challenges provides an overall value to your company. This is why our customers are so thankful for our support and assistance.   We look forward to serving you as well!

The Human Resources Factor, LLC
13860 Wellington Trace
Suite 38-208
Wellington, FL  33414

(727) 543-4248
(727) 214-1212 Fax

Why call
The Human Resources Factor, LLC?

Do you have a question about how to deal with an employee problem? Do you need a human resources compliance audit to determine if your human resources policies or practices are legal or appropriate? Does your company have the necessary activities, tools and/or resources to define your company's culture,  protect your company's assets, and keep your staff happy, engaged and productive?

Are you comfortable that your company is doing all it can to recruit and retain top talent?  Are your current staff members performing at their best and are they motivated? Do they feel recognized and valued?

Do your managers lead with integrity and support your company's mission?  Do they optimize the productivity of their staff, and respond appropriately to staff issues or concerns?  Do they need training or direction on how to handle certain management challenges?

Are your policies and practices legally compliant or are your employees complaining about management practices? Are they threatening to quit, sue, or simply stay and be non-productive?

If you are not sure, please contact The Human Resources Factor, LLC, so that we can assist you in reviewing or addressing these concerns or opportunities.   After all, at The Human Resources Factor, LLC, we want to help companies as they help their employees!

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