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Your HR Questions, Answered

Since 2008, The Human Resources Factor, LLC has focused on assisting small to mid-sized companies with various human resources needs.  Our goal to help companies with staff or management issues. At The Human Resources Factor, LLC, we strive to exceed your expectations by breaking barriers and changing the game.  We’re available to help you navigate even the most difficult human resources issues with the tools and resources your company needs.

HR Management Solutions

The Human Resources Factor, LLC can take on your day-to-day HR needs such as employee relations issues, talent acquisition/recruitment/hiring, employee records management, HR compliance and so much more. We provide the expertise and experience needed to manage HR challenges with years of proven success. We offer this service in a number of ways....with either a one-time only project, a simple phone call or consultation, an ongoing series of projects, or with retained services...all of these options are available in order to provide you service while working within your company's budget.  Have questions about how to manage a particular issue or see if you are compliant with federal/state law mandates? Call us today. 

About Our HR Services

At The Human Resources Factor, LLC, our excellence in Human Resources services, and flexibility in costing and structure, combined with our HR expertise, knowledge, and experience in dealing with human resources challenges provides an overall value to your company. This is why our customers are so thankful for our HR support and assistance.  Our core principles shape our efforts, and we are dedicated to our clients as they benefit from our success. We look forward to serving you as well!   Find out for yourself. Call The Human Resources Factor, LLC today.  

What we do....

At The Human Resources Factor, LLC, we love helping companies like yours!!


We can provide a variety of services to support your company. These services can be identified and fulfilled in a consultative phone call, as a one-time only project, completed over an agreed upon time frame, or offered as part of a retained consulting service.  Additionally, when critical issues arise, the members of The Human Resources Factor, LLC can assist with immediate interventions and guidance.


o   Personnel Policy Review/Development 

o   Employee Handbook Review/Preparation 

o   Compensation & Pay Practices Review  

o   Recruitment & Retention Practices Review 

o   Reward & Recognition Programs 

o   FMLA and Leave of Absence Administration 

o   Benefits Administration/Communication

o   Paid Time Off Programs 

o   Legal and Regulatory Compliance Reviews 

o   After Hours HR Consultation and Assistance

o   Employee Assessment Tools - PXT Profile, Checkpoint 360, Real Colors, and more!
o   Performance Management Tools and Process
o   Job Description Review and Preparation
o   Employee Coaching and Counseling
o   Terminations, Severance Packages, Separation Agreements
o   Employee Health & Safety - Workers Compensation Review
o   Staff and Management Training & Development
o   Internal Grievance and Investigation Support