Daily HR challenges

What HR matters are you spending time on that can be done more efficiently with the right HR tools and resources?? You should be focusing on your own business, and leave the employee issues to The Human Resources Factor, LLC!

Human Resources Compliance

Are you worried or losing sleep wondering if you are compliant with all of the state, federal and other regulatory requirements?  Get your business profile assessment completed now to get a color-coded HR Report Card!!

Employee Assessments

Would you like to better understand your employee's team dynamics?  We have a number of tools/resources, including Real Colors training, and other impactful employee assessment tools from Profiles International, including the PXT Select ™, Checkpoint 360°™ and more!

Healthcare Regulatory & Accreditation Compliance

For our special healthcare clients, do you need assistance in reviewing your compliance with the HR standards required by either The Joint Commission (TJC) or the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)?  Has your healthcare entity faced an HR issue that placed your company at risk for either a Focused Survey or Immediate Jeopardy? Do you need help with a healthcare HR project, or interim HR leadership?

Conflict Resolution, Investigations & Hotline Services

Does your company need an independent investigation conducted for allegations of Sexual Harassment, leadership impropriety, Racial/Other Harassment, or other significant and sensitive HR matters?  Do you have an established method/process for responding to employee concerns?  Do you need a confidential Employee Hotline that provides regular reports, and feedback from staff?

Staff & Leadership .................. Training & Development

Do you need training programs for your staff or managers on  Teams/Work Styles, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Coaching/Developing Employees, Effective Leadership, Communication Skills, Employee Engagement, Delegating Authority, Managerial Ethics, Disciplinary Action, Importance of Documentation, Harassment/ Sexual Harassment, Managing Workplace Stress, Workplace Violence Prevention

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