Human Resources Compliance Audit

The HR Report Card...what is your company's compliance grade??

As a small or mid-sized company owner/manager, what HR issue keeps you up at night?  Have you heard stories of company owners facing expensive employment litigation for what seemed like a 'simple' employee issue?  Your company's liability could be significantly reduced by having a comprehensive Business Profile Assessment giving you your own company's HR Report Card and listing all of your areas of compliance, non-compliance, and areas for improvement!

Your company's own HR Report Card...color coded for ease in prioritizing what needs to be addressed

Each reviewed HR business practice/component will have a color-coded 'grade' designation showing the degree of compliance, and the specific reasons/recommendations for each of your business practices.  You can work on the solutions yourself, or get assistance from The Human Resources Factor, LLC.

Six main categories...multiple HR components!

The HR Report Card is a Business Profile Assessment that is completed by The Human Resources Factor, LLC will review six main HR factors including Recruitment/Talent Acquisition, Employment/Retention, Benefits/Salary Administration, Reports/Systems, Above & Beyond, Separation/Termination.  Each HR factor will have both active 'must haves' and passive 'should haves', and your company's degree of compliance will determine your company's "HR Report Card" and the level of vulnerability for future employment problems. 

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If your company conducts this critical human resources compliance audit, a portion of the cost of the Business Profile Assessment/HR Report Card can be applied to any work that is identified in the assessment, if assistance from The Human Resources Factor, LLC is  needed.  Additionally, once completed, you may be eligible for a Referral Fee, for any referrals made by your company!

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Learn more about HR Compliance, and why your company needs to ensure it is complying with relevant state and federal employment laws, and other rules/regulations.

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SAMPLE HR Compliance Audit Agreement/FAQ's

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