After Hours: HR

Critical employee issue? Threat of violence? Employee in the news? No time to deal with staff !?!?

We's lonely worrying about staff, and feeling all alone! There are so many laws, and you may not know which apply to your company!?  Or, maybe you have no time to deal with employee problems? Do you have so much on your mind worrying about running your small business and the staff issues, but don't know where to begin, or when??

Do you need help with staff or HR issues, but only have time AFTER HOURS?!!

The Human Resources Factor, LLC can assist your company at the time when it may be needed, or when AFTER HOURS is the only time convenient to you!

After Hours: HR
         We are here to help:
         Monday - Friday   7:00 pm - 10:00pm EST
         Weekends and later hours, as needed or upon appointment.

         Set up an appointment on-line in 'Contact us', or call (727) 543-4248

When your weekday is too busy to  deal with staff, who are you going to call??  The Human Resources Factor, LLC!

Do want an HR professional, and not a more expensive attorney?  Do you need to just 'talk out' an issue with an HR professional who can offer ideas on how to address it, legally!

Do you need to deal with a difficult employee, but don't want other staff to overhear you discussing strategies to address it?

Let The Human Resources Factor, LLC help you!

During most work week days, you are probably so busy managing and running your business, you don't have time to take care of your employees.

Your company's success depends on your staff, so treating your staff well is so important to your bottom-line! If you need time for an HR consultation in the evening hours, schedule an appointment in 'Contact Us'.  If the need is critical, and addressing this can't wait, call The Human Resources Factor, LLC at (727) 543-4248.

For critical "AFTER Hours HR" services needs, you can call us!